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We are getting married and we couldn't do it without your presence!
Pack your bags, we are eager to celebrate this day with you.


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Is in the unusual circumstances of life, that God’s divinity surprises us with something as little as meeting somebody. Meeting each other and establishing a friendship was key to what will later make us become closer and drive us into a relationship. As we first meet, we were both into going out, partying, and socializing, each on their own unique world, but always coming back to our “Latin” roots. Is in these roots that we would both call each other to go out and enjoy a night of pure dancing, and fun. In one of the constant backs and forth invitations, while one was at a Miami Heat Game the other was out with coworkers in the infamous "Tu Candela" (the original hole in the wall, not the newer one), coming over after the game, Jaime was there until almost the doors were shut, as he was leaving he bumped into Meli. Here is where Meli couldn’t resist going home without dancing a song with Jaime. At that very moment is when we first kissed, Jaime says that maybe it was the drinks they had, but Meli says it was the magic of the music. We will never know the how’s, but we now know the why, which is for us to be with each other. Ever since, many challenges and adversities have come our way, individually and as a couple, but is by overcoming each one of them, that has made our feelings for each other grow stronger. 
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We have turned into travel junkies, having visited Asia, Europe, Middle East, and various countries in Central and South America, as well as many cities throughout the US. We share the love for adventure and exploring, it has become our thing, to pack up and compete to who packs the best and the quickest (Jaime currently leads the contest). Is certain that growing our faith in God and setting our eyes to him as a couple, is how we have managed to be happy, in love, and eager to see what the future holds for us. We support, encourage, pray and rejoice with each other. As days go by we cannot wait to be able to do what we both love, and that is to share our happiness with our most loved ones.
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Proposing can be stressful, and nerve-racking, but nonetheless, a moment that us men look forward to making a memorable one. For this day, I asked Meli to pack a change of clothes in a small backpack, with the excuse that she will sleepover for the next day's endeavors. Once I picked her up, I asked her for her passport, the suspense in her was clear, you can really tell she had an idea. Although I saw her “knowing” what was coming, little did she know-how. I had reserved a very distinct hotel in Mexico City and found in the Teotihuacan Pyramids a unique area for hot air balloon rides. We both have been longing to live that experience, this gave me the perfect idea of how to propose. As we arrived at the airport, I kept joking about where we were about to embark until she sat on the plane, she realized it was Mexico City. After the chauffeur picked us up, on the way to the hotel, I was giving her small hints of what we were doing. While having diner, I told her we needed to wake up at 4 am, the shock on her face!. A van picked us up to take us to the place where we will ride the balloon. There, I lied to her, saying I needed to sign a special waiver. In reality, I went to plan with the pilot at what time to pop the question. In mid-air the pilot made her believe we had some issues, and needed to decent, only to find a truck racing towards us, with a sign that said “Will you marry me?". When she finally noticed the sign held on the ground, she just looked back at me with a laughing mischief face, as I held the ring box just waiting for her to turn to me. At this very moment with a mutual teary eye, she whispered YES! Once we landed, we had a champagne pop and Mr. Mario Bros (the balloon pilot) recited a beautiful prayer. From there we had breakfast, and in a rush to get back to the city, explore, and eat some real street tacos, all in just a few hours. We headed back to Miami that same day, very special 23 hrs in Mexico City.


919 days

since we tied the knot!
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J&M Wedding Location!

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Welcome Day

Day Activities: 10AM-2PM Comuna 13
Reserva el Tour gratis/basado en tips EN ESTE ENLACE
Recomendaciones despues de el tour; 2PM Pueblito Paisa, 4PM Plaza Botero.
Night Welcome Toast: 6:30-9:30PM Super Bowling
Cra. 27 #23 Sur-120, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia
Cocktail Attire
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Transporte a la Boda

1:50pm  |  Lettera Hotel Medellin
(para invitados hospedados en Medellín, 
estar listos en el Lobby a la 1:45PM)
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4:00-4:45pm (adults only)
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¡Primer Baile!

5:00pm (adults only)
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6:45pm (adults only)
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¡A Bailar!

8:00pm (adults only)
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Restaurante en Provenza (por definir TBD)
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La Magia de Guatapé

9:45am - 6:00pm
Detalles del tour/Tour details here
- Salida para Guatapé/Entrega regalito de J&M
- Paseo en planchón (1 hora) - Deberán llegar a las 11:45am al muelle para embarcar. La única hora de salida es 12pm, si hay un retraso, no podriamos disfrutar de este paseo.
- Piedra del Peñol
- Almuerzo en Los Recuerdos (Tipo buffet - plato, bebida y postre)
- Pueblo de Guatapé
- Salida para Medellín
Reserva en estos enlaces/Pay here
Con piedra 1 persona $190mil ($49usd)
Con piedra 2 personas $380mil ($98usd)
Sin piedra 1 persona $165mil ($42usd)
Sin piedra 2 personas $330mil ($84usd)
o con/or with Feel Medellin WhatsApp (+57) 300-838-1253
Lugar de Encuentro Medellin
9:45AM Lettera Hotel
Lugar de Encuentro Llanogrande
9:45AM Casa Familia y 10:15AM Finca Familia
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Farewell Rumba

8:00pm (adults only)
Last Party - Fonda La Molienda



Hotels were updated. Some Family/guests are booking Lettera Hotel, avg x night w/code $37usd. Marquee Hotel avg x night w/code $94 usd. Check out our Medellín Google Map to see more recommendations. 

Lettera Hotel

Room Info

(Reserve - Melisa B. WhatsApp (+57) 3218675294 JAIMEANDMELI
Hospedaje Principal)

Marquee Medellín

Room Info

(Reserve - Laura M. laura@casacol.co (+57) 3327801147 JAIMEANDMELI)

Hotel 10 Categoria


(codigo de reserva/reservation code BODAJAIMEANDMELI)

Lagoon Llanogrande


(codigo de reserva/reservation code JAIMEANDMELI)


Uber en Medellín funciona a la perfección, recomendamos su uso por temas de seguridad
y costo. Para transporte con un conductor de confianza: Elkin Vanegas WhatsApp (+57) 312-804-1314 | Clara WhatsApp (+57) 313-671-4162

Autos Exito: Aeropuerto Jose Maria Cordoba (llegadas piso 1) | (+57) 350-845-7591 | (+57) 350-845-7592 | Pagina web autosexito.com.co | Instagram @autos.exito
Localiza Rent a Car: Autos Exito: Aeropuerto Jose Maria Cordoba (llegadas piso 1) | (+57) 350-845-7591 | (+57) 350-845-7592 | Pagina web localiza.com/colombia | Instagram @localiza_colombia

Food, Drinks, Party

Simplemente Cafe (Our Fave!)
Mall Llanogrande Local 27, Rionegro, Antioquia
Restaurante Cazuela y Tizón
Cra 55A #39, Rionegro, Antioquia
Casa Vegetariana Doña Veg
Carrera 50 #4535, Rionegro, Antioquia
El Rancherito (Palmas)
Calle 18, Av. Las Palmas #N 35 – 50, Medellín, Antioquia
El Cielo (Medellín)
Cra. 40 #10A 22, Medellín, Antioquia
El Botánico (Our Fave!)
Cra. 33 #7-41, Medellín, Antioquia
Panorama Rooftop Bar
Cl. 8 #34-33, Medellín, Antioquia
Envy Roof Top
Cl. 9a #37-16, Medellín, Antioquia
Calle10#43a-30, Medellín, Antioquia
Dulce Jesús Mío
Cra. 38 #19-255, Medellín, Antioquia


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Jardín Botánico
Cl. 73 #5114
Image 1614828017
Pueblito Paisa
Cerro Nutibara
Image 1614828052
Plaza de Botero
Av. Carabobo
Image 1614828114
Parque Explora
Cra 52 ##73-75
Image 1614828098
Museo el Castillo
Cl. 9 Sur #32-269
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Free Walking Tour
Estacion Alpujarra
Image 1614828130
Parque Arví
Via a Piedras Blancas


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Laguna de Guatapé
Image 1614828612
Santa Fe de Antioquia
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Image 1614828812
El Jardín


Should you wish to give us something, a contribution towards our honeymoon fund is much appreciated.
Si deseas darnos algo, agradecemos tu contribución a nuestro fondo de luna de miel.
PayPal Travel Fund
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El corazón del hombre traza su rumbo,
pero sus pasos los dirige el Señor.
Proverbios 16:9